• Founder - Kaarme Jewels

    Jewellery has always been a passion for Founder Millie. The ability to express yourself completely and allow each piece of jewlerry to carry the story of your life.

    Kaarme was born through the deep desire to create pieces that were affordable, high quality and one of a kind. Pieces that if cared for, can last a lifetime and become sentimental gifts for those you love. An item made with intuition, intention and pure love.

    Kaarme is a jewellery business that makes small amounts of each handcrafted piece that is designed and crafted by Millie herself. This is with the intention to step away from mass produced items everyone has. Millie values individuality and the ability to have unique pieces and she is so excited to bring this to Kaarme.

    Millie’s desire for Kaarme Jewels is to create a positive impact to those who wear her pieces. To allow everyone to feel welcome, included and a part of something special. To accomodate all styles and create a confidence beyond words for all of her customers.

    Every item is made and shipped by Millie for you.